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How Does Social Media Marketing Work?

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Social media offers multiple, prime venues for marketing. With the endless scrolling on sites like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook, there are numerous opportunities to increase your brand visibility.

When you work with Seeyu Studios social media marketing agency, we can manage your social media presence to optimize it for interactions, brand impressions, and advertising campaigns. 

Our Social Media Marketing Services

We offer managed social media marketing services so you can concentrate on the important stuff: providing your product or service.


Managed Content

From creating content to strategizing an upload schedule, we offer all-inclusive content management. Whether you need Instagram graphics made or a post for Facebook, we synchronize these postings for successful content campaigns.


Brand Visibility

Best practices dictate that potential customers need to interact with your brand about seven times before they are ready to really connect with you. By spotlighting your brand on multiple social media platforms, we aim to increase your visibility and thus potential customers.


Responsive Analytics

We help you meet your follower and conversion goals by carefully monitoring your social media analytics. A responsive analytics strategy is a successful one.

Vancouver Digital Marketing Services | Seeyu Studios Inc.

Managed Social Media Services

Content Audit | Content Strategy | Content Publishing & Distribution | Follower & Engagement Growth | Community Comment Moderation | Sweepstakes Giveaways, Contests & Promotional Campaigns | Social Media Advertising Campaigns: Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads, Pinterest Ads | Content Calendar Planning | Analytics & Optimization | Instagram Posts | Instagram Story Posts | Instagram Reels | Instagram Captions | Hashtag Research | Customer Personas | Data Reporting & Analysis

Studio Production & Content Creation

eCommerce Product Photography | eCommerce Videography | Video Scripts & Audio Scripts | Jingles & Intros | FIlm Scriptwriting | Brand Photography | Videography | Stills Photography | Professional Headshots | Campaign Photoshoots | Commercials & Advertisements | Aerial Drone Photography & Videography | Events | Motion Graphics Editing | Special Effects & Animation | Sound & Colour Correction | Post Production Editing | Short Films | Teasers & Trailers | Translations & Transcriptions | Facebook Ad Videos | Youtube Ad Videos

How We Implement Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

As we implement your social media marketing strategy, we aim to offer you hassle-free management of multiple platforms.

Content Creation

Social media demands specific types of content. What works on Pinterest may not work on Instagram. A thorough understanding of graphic design, copywriting, and technical skills are necessary to manage excellent content creation.

Follower Growth

The goal of social media marketing is to increase your brand awareness and follower growth. Each follower is a potential customer, so growth is essential for successful marketing.

Community Moderation

The internet can be a bit of a wild west, but with Seeyu Studios at your side, you never have to worry about your comments section going off the rails.

Advertising Campaigns

Social media makes it simple to schedule and conduct advertising campaigns. We coordinate posts across multiple platforms to synchronize all sections of your advertising campaign.

Female Model Miko and Male Model Ryan Standing in Sporty Active Wear at a Standing Desk | Brand Photography - EFFYDESK - Case Study | Seeyu Studios
Pictured: Miko Wang + Ryan Jaw by Seeyu Studios Inc. for EFFYDESK
"AMAZING team!"
"Got a chance to work with SEEYU STUDIOS team members and everyone was so organized , professional, talented, knowledgeable and mostly the sweetest team ever . I can't thank seeyu studio team members enough for giving me a chance to work with them! Xoxo HIGHLY recommended !!!"
—Miko Wang, Social Media Influencer + Content Creator

Google Reviews, 2020

Your Social Media Marketing Budget

The value of social media marketing for small businesses is calculable. By reaching new leads and increasing brand visibility, you find greater sales opportunities. 

To get you started on a better sales path, we offer both a free website audit and a free consultation. We can discuss your social media marketing strategy and what kind of investment makes the most sense for your growth goals.

Get Customers to #Seeyu 🖤

Build up your social media marketing so your clients can #Seeyu better. We help you take advantage of the many opportunities offered by social media platforms to increase brand visibility and run advertising campaigns. Reach out today to learn more about how a social media marketing agency can benefit you.

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