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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

What is SEO? | Vancouver Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services by Seeyu Studios | Vancouver Digital Marketing Agency

What Does SEO Stand For?

“SEO” stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is also the method by which digital content is designed to be found by search engines. SEO is also a formulaic and repeatable method used to funnel in organic (or, unpaid) traffic to your website.

Statistics reports have shown that Google, alone:

  • owns 91.75% of the global search engine market share.
  • processes at least 63,000 searches/second or 5.6 billion searches per day every single day
  • also averages 72.4% of the desktop and 91.82% of the mobile search engine market share.

So, you’d want to build a Google-friendly website.

But how do you go about accomplishing this?

SEO comprises of all the different factors (including page speed, site performance, on-page optimizations, and more) that Google or any other search engine considers to distinguish your website and your business from your competitors’. It’s what search engine crawlers look for to display your website as a result for relevant search terms, or keywords.

So, optimizing your website so that search engines like Google can find and understand your website and its contents better, will ultimately benefit your business to gain more customers and sales in the long run.

To begin, check out how SEO works:

How Does SEO Work?

By now, you’ve probably heard all about the benefits of proper SEO, but how much do you really know about optimizing the content on your website to rank competitively?

To be clear, SEO is not advertising. Running Google Ads or PPC marketing won’t help your search rankings (put simply: nope, you can’t pay to rank higher). But, SEO is used as part of your content marketing strategy to drive traffic to your website.

[For more information on paid search marketing strategy, you’ll want to check out this article on the difference between SEM and SEO.]

A good way to think about SEO and search authority is to understand Google’s Three Pillars of SEOAuthority, Relevance, and Trust.

Search engine optimized content created with the three pillars in mind will help boost your website visibility, and your customers and clients can find your website, and confide in your business as an authority in your niche. 

Search engine companies want to offer their users the most relevant and highest quality results in their users searches, so Google, Bing and the like will send out site crawlers every so often to see what’s out there on the web. Search engines scan websites, posts, and documents for keywords using their site crawlers. They also track how many connections you have with similar sites to learn more about what your site does and which audiences would like to find you. 

Site crawlers scan for information and data on the web based on specific keywords and search terms, and are based on a myriad of search engine algorithms and ever-changing updates to enhance the search engine user’s experience. 

[To learn more about the latest news and most accurate guidelines for SEO, check out Google Webmasters‘ “Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Starter Guide“.]

How to Make SEO-Friendly Content

As a small business owner or service-based entrepreneur, your target audience are your customers and/or clients. You know that search engine optimization is the act of tailoring your website and its contents to rank against your competitors on search engine websites, such as GoogleBingDuck Duck GoYahoo, etc. ‍You know that you want your search engine results page (SERP) rankings to be high so that your business is made visible to your target site visitors. 

Improving SEO on your website will level up your SERP ranking so that people can discover your business more easily when they’re searching up terms or keywords, topics and phrases that are related to the contents on your website. But, you wish you had more time, energy or knowledge about the latest SEO news and guidelines to optimize your content properly. That’s where we come in.

At Seeyu Studios, we carefully craft websites and content with search engine optimization in mind. By using the highest-ranking keywords and distributing backlinks around the web, we help search engines find you faster. You’ll see more traffic and interactions with properly done SEO.

Our Search Engine Optimization Services

We provide a full suite of Search Engine Optimization services. Streamline your website for better rankings and more interactions.



During the research stage, we combine the information we glean from your website audit, content gap analysis, and market analysis to build a basis for your search engine optimization strategy.



With information from our research, we begin link building and integrating SEO into your digital content.



Once your new strategy is launched, we gather metrics and tweak your strategy as needed to improve your performance.

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Our Process: How We Implement Your SEO Strategy

We use objective data to implement your search engine optimization strategy.

Website Audit

One of the best places to start is figuring out how far you could go with your website. Take us up on a free website audit and get objective feedback about your digital presence.


Data analysis is an essential part of SEO, from industry analysis to competitive analysis. Performing a content gap analysis can help isolate the topics and keywords necessary to get better rankings.

Link Building

Place backlinks around the web to help associate your site with your industry. Use directories, guest blog posts, and more to build links.

Integrated SEO

Search engine optimization and keywords can be integrated into all of your media. This includes your content writing, on-page SEO for websites, and content for Shopify, Amazon, Pinterest, Instagram, and other eCommerce sites.

Tracking and Analytics

Once you begin to implement SEO, it's important to track and analyze your metrics. These can help you make more strategic SEO choices.

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Your Search Engine Optimization Budget

Investing in search engine optimization is a safe bet—but how big of an investment do you actually need to make?

Statistics show that SEO gleans 50-90% of site traffic. What would a 50-90% increase in traffic be worth to you?

When you meet with us for a free consultation, you can get started learning about search engine optimization and how to budget for a great return on your investment. During the consultation, we will discuss strategy, metric goals, and more. Plus, take advantage of  our free website audit, too.

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