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Seeyu Studios, a professional eCommerce web design, and marketing agency in Vancouver, BC, wants to know how you’re feeling about your website design these days.

Does it need some light updating or a complete overhaul? Does the content hark back to 2000 when it should be envisioning 2030? Whatever your website needs, we can help.

Services Our Professional Web Design Company Offers

Using data-driven research, competitive analysis, and creative content production, our Vancouver-based digital marketing services team helps establish and enhance your online voice, vision, and brand personality. Are you a new business, or are you looking to transition your business online?

We provide an integrated, bespoke service package for every client, with all the features inherent to a modern-day digital online presence. We also offer the following à la carte services.

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eCommerce Web Design & Development Services

Digital Audits & Strategy

Our digital audits assess all your media channels for their effectiveness in your current marketing strategies. We provide a detailed report on the current status and help you set future goals. As a professional web design company, we can identify opportunities you might have missed.


In the 2020s, any company lacking a website — and we mean an excellent, show-stopping website — is not likely to retain its customer base for long. Ask the best web design agency in Vancouver for our help building it for you.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Do you know that SEO can decrease your advertising costs while driving your long-term success? That it boosts your overall digital marketing strategy? And that SEO measures your success with actual numbers from Google Analytics? Our SEO experts will help you make these benefits and more a reality.

Branding & Design

Every business needs a distinctive tone or flavour for its marketing and online presence. We're talking about your brand. We'll help you find it and design the collateral to reinforce it.

Social Media

Every successful digital marketing plan today needs buttressing from at least a few social media platforms. But how do you keep up with all the posting and data monitoring? The answer: we do that for you!

E-mail Marketing

You can reach prospects at different times and in different ways using e-mail than with any other channel. People go to their e-mail accounts, especially personal ones, for everything from bill-paying to updates from friends and family. So why not use our services to slip in your message from time to time?

Studio Production

Online video is the "new normal" when it comes to online communication. Short videos with outstanding production values can make a splash when debuted. Plus, you can use them again and again — on your website, on social media, and even in e-mail. Now, that's bang for your buck!

EFFYDESK - Model Alannah Bergman and Black Business Standing Desk - Brand Photography
Pictured: Alannah Bergman with a Business Sit-Stand Desk | by Seeyu Studios Inc. for EFFYDESK
"Amazing work! 10/10 would recommend!"
"I’m extremely happy with the content/communication, and definitely the value of everything […] Surpassed my expectations so I’m super happy. Lisa has been nothing but amazing. Not only has she been executing unique new ideas and different angles to work from, she has taught us so much about seo and branding so we understand what and why she does the things she does! Always looking at the bigger picture, she has helped us exceed our end of year expectations in only a couple of months!"
—Dickson Lam

Founder & Owner of EFFYDESK

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Website? Seeyu Studios is Here to Help!

Seeyu Studios is a Vancouver content marketing agency that specializes in eCommerce web design and development.

We offer digital marketing and consulting services for small businesses and service-based entrepreneurs to cultivate world-class brands online. We provide web design services in Canada and a lot more. As a comprehensive eCommerce marketing agency, we’re the one-stop-shop you need.

Whatever your business and your aspirations for it, Seeyu Studies is your eCommerce and web design agency in Vancouver, BC.

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When you work with Seeyu Studios on your content marketing, you create new avenues for your clients and customers to discover and interact with you. Supercharge your content marketing strategy with us today!

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