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What is Content Marketing?

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There are many different types of content marketing, but each focuses on producing some consumable kind of content that steers clients back to your brand. Content marketing gives your clients new access to you, expertly crafted content relevant to what they’re looking for, and more associations with your brand.

Content marketing can consist of email marketing, newsletters, blogs, and more. Sometimes creating a “freebie” or providing reviews of field-related products can help draw more customers in or collect contact information. Content marketing is a strong contender for strengthening your digital outreach.

Our Content Marketing Services

Choose from our à la carte digital marketing services to pick the content services that will best fit your marketing needs.

Website Audit

What's working and what's not with your website? Get some objective feedback from us with a free website audit.  While working over your website, we'll not only check for function but also content fluidity.


Fresh copywriting for your products, digital lists, and marketing materials is a top priority. 


Newsletters and email marketing outreach are some of the simplest ways to stay in touch with clients. By arriving in their inbox with valuable information and promotions, this content marketing strategy keeps you at the forefront of their mind.

Automated Emails and Posting

Sticking to a schedule is necessary for staying engaged with your audience. Content automation is an important tool.

How We Implement Your Content Marketing Strategy

Our process for implementing your content marketing strategy touches on all points of your content marketing.



Each piece of the puzzle comes together with a content marketing strategy. From your website audit to your social media posts, we coordinate the content style and optimization to reach your marketing goals.


Content Creation

Many brands work with content creators because they got into business to provide a specific service or product—not to write about it. Hire experts who have the skills to make written and visual content for your website, marketing emails, and socials.


Search Engine Optimization

We optimize all content for search engines, so your brand has better chances of ranking and getting in front of clients thanks to your content marketing.

EFFYDESK - Model Alannah Bergman and Black Business Standing Desk - Brand Photography
Pictured: Alannah Bergman with a Business Sit-Stand Desk | by Seeyu Studios Inc. for EFFYDESK
"Amazing work! 10/10 would recommend!"
"I’m extremely happy with the content/communication, and definitely the value of everything […] Surpassed my expectations so I’m super happy. Lisa has been nothing but amazing. Not only has she been executing unique new ideas and different angles to work from, she has taught us so much about seo and branding so we understand what and why she does the things she does! Always looking at the bigger picture, she has helped us exceed our end of year expectations in only a couple of months!”⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
—Dickson Lam

Founder & Owner of EFFYDESK (

Your Content Marketing Budget

Budgeting for marketing can be confusing. You know you need to invest in your brand, but how much exactly? Statistics show that content marketing costs more than 60% less when compared to other marketing sources but gets triple the potential customers. What are three times the potential customers worth to you?

Get started with a free consultation. We make the research stage especially easy on your budget because you deserve to have all of the facts before you commit to a content marketing agency. 

That’s why we also make our website audits free too.

Get Customers to #Seeyu 🖤

When you work with Seeyu Studios on your content marketing, you create new avenues for your clients and customers to discover and interact with you. Implement your content marketing strategy today.

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